Yezidi People Reaching Out to the World for Help.

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Yazidi RINJ Health Care For Yezidis Peacock AngelWorking together, The RINJ Foundation and the Yezidi community  will buy these containers & convert them to medical clinics. We need your gift.

Money is not something we have after two years of occupation by the Islamic State terrorists.

Yezidis have been ravaged by terrorists. We have taken over a building previously held by the terrorists. We are morphing it into a makeshift hospital. We need equipment and supplies to support up to 400,000 people. Read more…

Kicked out Daesh and Took over this Building in The City of Shingal

We need money to provide health care to families in camps and temporary communities in Nineveh (Mosul), Shingal, Duhok and Erbil provinces.
Yezidi Press Release
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