Complexities of Impunity Among non-ICC Criminal Quasi-States

The RINJ Foundation has issued a paper on the problems of challenging the impunity of criminals who commit crimes against humanity and the countries that enable them as surrogates. Prosecuting Facilitators of Yezidi Genocide

In Northern Iraq, when we see a war crime being committed, we investigate. In particular we are well positioned to amass evidence of rape used as a method of genocide and as a crime against humanity in the context of the Rome Statute and United Nations Resolution 1820.
When we are sure, we say so.

Challenging impunity of those alleged perpetrators of international crime is not a cut and dry issue. Sometimes the entity does not realize their impunity is challenged and once told renounce criminal intent and withdraw participation, encouraging co-accused to do the same. Thereafter remedial action for the survivors of their crime is a must.

Our stakeholders urge for justice. That is fair. As a non-state organization fighting for the safety of women and children we are first driven to stop the crime.

We are going to file complaints and charges against several groups of rapist militias who were commanded to commit genocide against the Yezidi people and to use systematic violence against this ethnic group.

Members of the ICC who are allied and providing funds, weapons, and training to the perpetrators including Canada and Russia will be named and their surrogate militias will be named as co-accused.

This is a lengthy process.
In the meantime we urge cessation of the blockade of medical assistance to Shingal, and supplies to our clinic there be ended immediately.

Our investigation, witness interviews, documentary evidence collection, and the incipient legal process has been ongoing since 2014 and we act with the full authority of numerous leaders of the Yezidi Community.

Despite having advised the parties in writing, egregious offences continue against the Yezidi people. We urge offenders to cease and supporters and enablers to adopt a more humanitarian approach to their surrogate warfare. The world has changed substantially and impunity is no longer assured for crimes that to the world seem so horrible they seem unbelievable.

The “Liberation Illusion”

The Canadian government of Justin Trudeau is in an awkward position having been set up by the jingoistic Harper regime and subsequently being lied to by Canada’s Department of National Defence.

Harper was trying to insist the Canadian armed forces comprise a war fighting military. It was an appeasement owed to the US which has a trade deficit with Canada?

Since the early days of Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, Canada’s commitment to its military waned considerably and the country since then spends far less than the 2% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that NATO prefers of its members.

Canada, in the 1950s and 60s, pursued a peacekeeping role in addition to its anti-submarine warfare (ASW) commitment to NATO.

Prime Minister Trudeau, the 23rd prime minister of Canada, upon taking office, ended the Canadian Air Forces bombing in Iraq and Syria.

Before the world’s eyes Canada had been bombing Mosul civilians with their geriatric CF-18s but not before they killed 43 civilians in and near an ice cream factory (dairy) according to various news report and RINJ eyewitnesses.

“This will not be the first time,” says RINJ “that the Department of National Defence has outright lied to the government. It knows full well that the non-state terrorists it is training and weaponizing are militias hell bent on a civil war of secession and genocide in their own region.”

Choosing sides in the Middle East where no entity bears the color of right is a difficult game. But arming and training a terror group that CANADA KNOWS has assisted the Islamic State in fact preceded Islamic State in the genocide of the Yezidi people, is a crime against humanity.

Notwithstanding this aspect of the issue at hand, one can be exposed to international scrutiny and charges by invading another country as did Canada when it bombed cities in Syria, and helped war criminals commit genocide in Iraq. Yes. Trudeau inherited a mess.

RINJ poses the hypothetical ¬†question: “Canada’s participation in the Middle East weapons consumption free-for-all would not be allowed if Canadians were not inclined for blood after home-grown lunatics with no connection to any part of humankind, slaughtered Canada’s amazing heroes in Saint Jean Sur Richelieu and in Ottawa.”

“Today the people Canada has as partners in this mess,” says RINJ’s statement, “Iraqi and Iranian military people, AND THEIR FOREIGN MILITARY FRIENDS are murdering Mosul civilians in the streets east of the Tigress River.”

Iraq claims it has removed all of the Islamic State fighters from the eastern part of Mosul but every day Iraqi soldiers and shia militia drag out men from basement ‘prisons’ and gather to murder them with hundreds of rounds and extended desecration of their corpses.

Even if they were IS members that would be wrong according to the Geneva Convesntion.

“We have watched from the opposite side of the river”, says RINJ, “and seen this. We watched a man of the cloth who stayed for his hidden parish and paid Daesh a fee to be allowed to stay even though he is not Muslim. He managed to survive the psychopaths of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi only to be murdered by so-called “Liberators”
Complexities of Impunity Among non-ICC Criminal Quasi-States

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